Coffee in the Commons (Yes, You Read That Right)

Due to long nights spent doing homework and studying, students in high school often consider coffee to be a necessity. In fact, the “coffee culture” at North is so strong that students will often walk long distances — to Dunkin’ Donuts or Deli on the Green, for instance — simply to purchase a singular cup of coffee.

A small iced coffee is served for $2 in the Commons (Credit: Audrey Bichoupan).

However, North High now offers a potential solution to students’ pursuit of the ever-elusive caffeinated beverage: a variety of affordable coffee served in the commons. Students voted to bring coffee to the Commons via Google Forms, and it was officially offered for the first time on March 21.

“I decided to try the school coffee because I love coffee and drink it every day, but sometimes it’s frustrating to walk out of the building and go to the nearest shop for coffee,” said junior Megan Kashi. “The proximity of the commons and the affordability of the coffee make it easy for students to access it.”

Ms. Michelle serves a decaf iced coffee in the Commons (Credit: Maya Mishan).

Kashi also expressed her satisfaction with the school’s decision to implement the new drink in the Commons. “I was surprised since [S.O] gave the Google Form sent out to students a while ago, so I thought the school forgot about it. I was also shocked that the school board listened to the students’ request for the coffee,” she said.

Fellow junior Jessica Nahavandi shared Kashi’s positive sentiments. “The first couple of times I had the coffee, it tasted really good, and I would recommend it if you don’t have other ways of getting coffee. It’s very convenient, cheap, tastes good, and gets me through the day, so I would continue getting it throughout the year,” said junior Jessica Nahavandi.

Junior Brielle Nassi sips North’s most popular iced coffee during class (Credit: Audrey Bichoupan).

The availability of coffee is now welcomed by many students who appreciate the low prices, variety of options, and close proximity to the drink. The commons serve two types of coffee: hot and iced. The price for the hot coffee is $1.75 for a small and $2 for a large. The iced coffee, a popular choice among students, is $2 for a small and $2.5 for a large. These affordable prices play a significant role in bringing students to try the coffee. Furthermore, the variety of coffee includes decaf, regular, and flavored, which changes weekly. 

As of now, the school coffee has received, perhaps surprisingly, positive reviews from many students who agree that it surprisingly tastes great and is now a part of their daily routine. Whether you’re an avid coffee drinker or are simply in the mood for a refreshing drink, don’t hesitate to try the school coffee — form your own opinion as to whether or not you will continue to be a customer!