A Guide to Dealing with Stress

With the second quarter starting, students are encouraged to keep their grades high and deal with the stresses of work and tests. Also, since the majority of COVID-19 measures have been lifted, students have to get acclimated to the pressures of the school environment. For these reasons, students should take a second to focus on their mental health while using stress relief mechanisms.

While most students always have a million things on their plate, it is important that they take a step back and breathe. School can put a lot of pressure on them, but that does not mean that students have to feel overwhelmed in order to succeed. Doing activities like simply taking a five minute meditation break to clear your mind can have huge effects on your work ethic and the quality of your work.

Senior Winnie Chen describes the methods she uses to manage her stress levels.

“I like to isolate myself, like sit in a corner, and just self reflect and breathe for a few minutes,” Chen said. “When dealing with a lot of work, put your phone away, it can add to your stress.”

Reconnecting with nature can help alleviate the stresses one may experience in their day-to-day life (Credit: holrmagazine.com).

There are so many methods to help control stress. The key is finding the one that works best for you. Many students prefer listening to music, as it can play a role in easing the brain and elevating one’s mood. 

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything,” Athenian philosopher Plato once said.

There are many relaxing playlists on Spotify that can help you relax (Credit: Spotify).

Another way of coping with stress is pursuing a relaxing hobby. This may be different for each person, but some examples include drawing, painting, organizing, cleaning, or working out.

There are intricately designed coloring books and sheets available for adults to print or to order on Amazon. These designs usually take a long time to complete, offering a good stress relief option.

An example of a design in an adult coloring book (Credit: coloringhome.com).

Cleaning is also a good option to try. Studies have shown that people tend to be more productive and have more straightforward thinking when in a clean environment.

Going to the gym or on a run can also elevate one’s mood and make them feel more productive while relaxed. While working out the brain naturally secretes fluids like dopamine which raises energy levels, clears the brain, and helps one focus on his or her work.

This is just some of the many examples of relaxation methods that you may use. Once you find a mechanism you like you can use it to deal with any stress you may experience.