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GNSAF Hosts “Fun Walk for Education” to Raise Money for College Scholarships
Ian Loo, Associate Editor • April 21, 2023

Would you like to help students in need go to college while simultaneously enjoying a fun day of exercise? This may be the perfect opportunity...

Trump’s Last Stand?
April 3, 2023
Je ne sais quoi: When art meets the effortless elegance of Paris (Credit: Skylar Owadeyah).
Foreign Intimacy Through Skylar Owadeyah
Salome Assaraf, Senior Managing Editor • May 22, 2023

Stars hit the carpet on May 1st to display a multitude of different outfits (Credit: Byrdie)
A Met to Remember
May 19, 2023
Director of Fashion Show Mr. Henriquez along with the MC’s: Maya Ben Josef, Naomi Nassiri, Shirel Shaoolian, Arianna Siony, and Yarin Nachman (Credit: Audrey Bichoupan)
Fashion Show 2023
March 27, 2023
Goat Talk: Sports
Brenner Yellis, Senior Managing Editor • June 9, 2020

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