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In 2016, Donna Pierez was elected to become a Great Neck Board of Education Trustee for the first time (Credit: The Great Neck Record).
New Budget Passes by Landslide and Donna Peirez is Re-Elected to Board of Education
Tyler Brechner, Managing Editor • May 22, 2022

In the recent budget and Board of Education trustee vote, the 2022-2023 Great Neck Public Schools budget of $261,432,690 passed with 70 percent...

North High Theaters Modern Take on Julius Caesar
North High Theater's Modern Take on "Julius Caesar"
Ava Hoffman, Managing Editor • May 14, 2022
The play, especially with the modern twist, felt incredibly relevant today, and many comparisons can be made to modern politics, especially with the mob mentality, power of social media, and political division.
Goat Talk: Politics Edition
Kenneth Xiao, Tyler Brechner, and Matthew Mah December 9, 2020

How is the political climate at North High? How politically neutral are conversations in the classroom? How informed are North High students...

Goat Talk: Sports
Brenner Yellis, Senior Managing Editor • June 9, 2020

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