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Spirit Week Day 3: Battle of the Classes
Amanda Lavian, Salome Assaraf, and Ava Assaraf October 15, 2021

As spirit week is coming to an end, the school spirit is greater than ever. On Thursday, all of North’s students wore their respective grade...

Seniors Adelia DeRose and May Tun were especially excited for today, especially considering that both of them are members of the girls varsity soccer team, which will be playing at homecoming (Credit: Ava Hoffman).
Spirit Week Ends on a High Note, by Ava Hoffman
October 16, 2021

On the last school day of Spirit Week, students roamed the halls while proudly dressed in blue and orange, beaming with excitement in anticipation...

Goat Talk: Politics Edition
Kenneth Xiao, Tyler Brechner, and Matthew Mah December 9, 2020

How is the political climate at North High? How politically neutral are conversations in the classroom? How informed are North High students...

Goat Talk: Sports
Brenner Yellis, Senior Managing Editor • June 9, 2020

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