Valentine’s Day Flower Buying Guide

Michelle Goh, Features Editor

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, many are attempting to buy chocolates, teddy bears, and flowers to give to their significant others. Finding the right type of flower to express feelings can be confusing, since there are so many types of beautiful flowers in numerous colors. Here is a guide to figure out what flower to buy for a special someone, or even just a friend.

There are three popular types of flowers that people give on Valentine’s Day:


Tulips are flowers that go well with many occasions, but they are just as special on Valentine’s Day.

Red tulips symbolize love, and stand for “believe in love.” They convey romance and passion.

White tulips symbolize purity, innocence, and humility, to communicate lighter feelings.

Cream tulips are a favorite for Valentine’s Day and stand for “I will love you forever.”

Yellow tulips convey friendship and happiness.

Orange tulips represent a mutual connection between two people.

Purple tulips represent royalty and nobility, a flattering gift.

Pink tulips represent happiness and good wishes. They are normally given to friends.

Multi-Colored bouquets can be gifted to communicate many meanings.


Carnations, which are commonly given to mothers on Mother’s Day, are also Valentine’s Day favorites. They normally represent health and vitality, but can also convey fascination and love. Red and pink carnations are perfect to communicate romance and emotion.

Pink carnations mean “I’ll always be there for you.”

Red carnations mean “My heart aches for you.”

Purple carnations represent capriciousness, which is unpredictability or spontaneity.

White carnations are sweet and lovely as they symbolize purity.

Yellow carnations mean disappointment and rejection, which make them fitting for certain situations on Valentine’s Day!


Lastly, the most popular type of flower to gift is the rose. The rose stands alone to hold deep meaning and has been used for years to convey unspoken messages. Roses have a delicate scent and beautiful aesthetic.

Red roses are widely known to convey deep love.

White roses represent humility and innocence, and are also used as a bridal flower.

Yellow roses often represent friendship, but they can also signify jealousy.

Pink roses symbolize femininity and gentleness.

Orange roses communicate enthusiasm and desire through its bright and striking color.

Lilac and purple roses whimsically represent enchantment and desire.


With these three types of flowers and their colors deciphered, picking the perfect flowers to send to a Valentine should be less difficult. The wide range of meanings and variety helps to convey an individual’s exact feelings, ensuring that the message of love gets across on this special day!