Top 10 Funniest Teachers


Alyssa Ghassabian, Associate Editor

From the Classroom to the Hallways, these are some of Great Neck North High School’s funniest teachers:

 Coach Connolly

Credit: Alyssa Ghassabian

Even while running laps around the gym, Coach Connolly is still able to put a smile on his students faces. Whatever the moment gives him, he runs with it, and cracks practical jokes along the way that never fail to grasp his student’s attention. His humor is more sarcastic and situational. He’ll use someones lateness or bad behavior as subject material. However, most people realize he never means anything by it since he has “a good relationship with just about everyone.” His kindness and fairness allows him to make a few wise cracks with no one getting offended. However, Connolly still believes that his students aren’t laughing at his jokes, but instead at his “gray hair and pants that are always too short” on him.


Ms. Afkhami


Photo via Facebook

Ms. Afkhami’s amusing facial expressions are what many say make her one of the funniest teachers in our building. She doesn’t plan on making her students giggle endlessly, and instead calls her humor “improvisational.” Ms. Afkhami’s “love of teaching” and her students enables her to make them laugh.


Mr. Rutkowski


Mr. Rutkowski’s outrageous and ridiculous, but true anecdotes are really what make him one of the funniest teachers. Although his anecdotes may have nothing to do with the lesson, he still manages to relate them to whatever his students are focused on. For example, when a student leaves food in the room, he’ll tell the true story about how a cockroach laid a sack of eggs on the back of his ear while he was sleeping, point being: NO FOOD IN ROOM 218! However, he does admit that he tries to be funny. He’s “a ham and loves to have an audience.”

Mr. Bonvicino

Credit: Nora Monasheri

Even while in math class, Mr. Bonvicino is still able to crack a smile on his students faces. To Mr. Bonvicino, “life is too serious sometimes, and someone needs to lighten things up a little.” He believes that “after all, everyone needs a good laugh every now and then.” He likes to play off of situations that occur, and crack some jokes in between lessons. His sarcasm can be so believable that his students can sometimes never tell whether he’s joking or not.

Mr. Schorn

Credit: GNPS website

Mr. Schorn calls himself “old fashioned,” but what his students really love is his exaggeration. When proving a point, Mr. Scorn will go the extra mile to get his point across to his students. No matter what it will require him to do, he will do it.


Mr. Corrao

Credit: Alyssa Ghassabian

Mr Corrao’s humor can be best described as sarcasm. However, from being known as “wearing American flag pants and an inflatable giraffe costume during spirit week and having a handlebar mustache in the lead up to ‘No Shave November,’” Mr. Corrao sure adds some prop comedy in the mix. However, being funny is not really something he tries to do. From being the middle of five children, he did really need to strive for attention when he wanted it, which is probably where this all started. However, while being a teacher and a coach, it just allows him to play to his “natural personality.”

Mr. Schad

Credit: Nora Monasheri

Mr. Schad defines his humor as a blend: “33% cheesy, 33% terrible, and 33% self-effacing.” Although many of his students may believe his humor is improvisational, each of his jokes are “crafted weeks, months, sometimes years in advance.” However, Mr. Schad claims to actually steal some humorous material from other teachers on this list: Mr. Bonvicino and Mr. Gilden.However, ultimately, Mr. Schad believes him being viewed as funny has a lot to do with the fact that he controls the grades of his audience.


Mr. Ceasar

Credit: GNPS website

Mr. Ceasar’s students can laugh at his “funny stories and impressions” for days. His real life situations and tales never fail to put a smile on his students faces. He sees himself as a “touch sarcastic,” especially in class. However, more often than not he does try to be intentionally funny.  Many of his jokes in class reflect the way he sees himself, which is not too seriously, which is why his jokes tend to be more “self deprecating,” never failing to make his students laugh.


Mrs. DeLuccia

Credit: Alyssa Ghassabian

Mrs. DeLuccia would describe herself as having a dry sense of humor while being very sarcastic. Her students know how she cares for them by how often she may “pick” on them in class. She always reads her audience and would never say anything offensive or insulting. To Mrs. DeLuccia her jokes are “always in good fun” and very “cheesy and punny.” Mrs. DeLuccia believes that “when students connect with their teacher they learn better,” therefore, she tries just being herself, not even realizing she’s being funny.


Mr. Gilden

Credit: Alyssa Ghassabian

Mr. Gilden would describe his type of humor as being based around “wordplay and puns,” however, he’s not above “making classic dad jokes.” Mr. Gilden doesn’t actually go into class thinking “‘Oh how am I gonna be funny today?” however, he likes to take advantage of opportunities to be funny when they come up. Most of the funny stories he tells are usually about him, and students find it funny because it gives them an insight of some of the crazy things he’s done. To Mr. Gilden, “one of the best gifts that a student can give to their teachers is not being afraid to laugh when something is funny,” and that is something his students never fail to do.