Girls Cross Country Finds Success at Counties

The girls cross country team was rather successful in reaching and competing at counties, which was the product of their hard work throughout the season. In striving towards the team’s goals, the girls constantly practice, work together and support each other. 

A typical practice began with the girls running a mile for warmup and switching between various dynamic and static stretches. Daily practice also consisted of running long distance down roads, up hills and on the track. To end a practice, the team usually engages in core exercises. Practice was held six days of the week. “One of our hardest runs include a 6-mile loop running up both Vista Hill Road and the hill on Grace Road,” said Netta Mualem, a senior and one of the two captains. “Runs like that are what bring out the strength in our girls.” 

Great Neck North’s Girls Cross Country team getting ready to compete in all counties. Credit: Giselle Makani.

Netta Mualem, Eden Reznik and Natasha Khazzam all received a conference title. Alexandra Ahdoot placed 18th and received all county recognition. “Having a positive mindset and being a dedicated member of our team made up the toughest and most committed runners,” Mualem said. 

“There are of course nerves that come before every race for me but standing on the line of one of the most important races brought up a lot of excitement too,” Mualem said. “Being a senior and having run my last county race made me sad, but seeing my teammate beside me made me so proud.”

Alexandra Ahdoot, a junior and the other captain of the team, also had some thoughts about her experience at counties.  “I was actually very confident going into the county championship race this year,” Ahdoot said.“Standing on the line before the race began, I acknowledged that I had truly put in all the hard work leading up to this point.”

She spent her summer vigorously training with countless distance runs and interval workouts. 

“I know it may sound cheesy but I really poured my blood, sweat, and tears into making this my best cross country season yet, and it was exactly that,” Ahdoot said. 

The Great Neck North High girls cross country team as a whole placed 4th at the state qualifier meet. 

“As one of the captains of the team, I can proudly say that our team performed wonderfully this year even after some of our key runners had graduated,” Ahdoot said. “Our team ended up going 10-3. I am so proud and happy that we had such an amazing season.”

The top 25 finalists who received all counties recognition, with Alexandra Ahdoot, a team member of the North High School Girls Cross Country team, who placed 18th. Credit: Giselle Makani.


“It was so great to see everyone’s hard work pay off in the races where it mattered most, and I am so proud of everyone for the effort that they have put into our long runs and workouts day after day,” said Eden Rezik, a sophomore on the team. “It was truly a pleasure being surrounded by girls who pour their hearts into the sport, and through pushing one another and ourselves to be the best runners we could be.”

This years in all counties, the team demonstrated their effort over the course of the season in representing North and made great accomplishments, placing in counties and receiving honorable mentions.