Nap-Time at North: Kickstarting Spirit Week With Pajama Day

Peer leaders, teachers, and students dress up for the first day of Spirit Week.


Audrey Bichoupan

Seniors wear pajamas.

The first day of Spirit Week is off to a strong start as students and faculty dress up for Pajama Day while classes work diligently on their logos. Peer leaders, as well as teachers, express their school morale by wearing pajamas all around the building.

Mr. Corrao wears pajamas.
Mr. Corrao shows off his patterned pajamas. (Tyler Brechner)


Mr. Blackstone wears pajamas.
Mr. Blackstone sports grey-themed pajamas, displaying his school spirit. (Tyler Brechner)

“When students and teachers participate in Spirit Week, it encourages a sense of belonging and helps make them feel more invested in our school and community,” says Mrs. Carpenter. 

Mrs. Carpenter in Golden Girls pajamas.
Mrs. Carpenter wears Golden Girls themed pajamas for Pajama Day. (Maya Mishan Ezroni)

Many students feel encouraged to participate through genuine engagement within the school community. “I think it’s important to dress up for Spirit Week because it shows how you’re a part of the community and it shows school spirit,” says Avishai Aghelian, a junior. 

Seniors wear pajamas.
Freshmen Morgan Youssian, Layla Pourmoradi, Emily Kashi, Maya Yazdan, Donya Kaidanian and Eden Kashanian wear pajamas. (Audrey Bichoupan)


Seniors wear pajamas.
A group of senior girls(Ashley Hedvat, Aliza Lustbader, Kayla Kavakeb, Maya Gorjian, Eden Fouladi, Shira Nasibi, Emily Elyahouzadeh, Sofia Ijadi and Audrey Dilmanian) participate in Pajama Day by wearing matching blue pajamas. (Audrey Bichoupan)


Three juniors, Jaslyn Gao, Kirsten Tam, and Christine Zhou, wear pajamas.
Three juniors, Jaslyn Gao, Kirsten Tam and Christine Zhou (pictured left to right) wear pajamas. (Maya Mishan Ezroni)


Jimmy Li wears pajamas.
Jimmy Li shows off his white graphic T-shirt and checkered pajama pants. (Tyler Brechner)

“I love Pajama Day. As a senior, school spirit is one of the most important things,” says senior Niki Talledo. Many seniors feel that they should spend their last year in high school showing their appreciation for North High before departing for college.

Seniors wear pajamas.
Three senior girls(Gabby Paknoush, Serena Eshaghoff and Remi Gilardian) pose together in their onesies. (Audrey Bichoupan)


Three freshmen wear pajamas for Pajama Day.
Three freshmen wear pajamas. (Hwi-On Lee)


Mr. Zak and four of his Pre-Calculus Honors students, Avishai Aghelian, Alex Zhuang, Lawrence Zeng, and Katherine Sun, wear pajamas.
Mr. Zak and four of his Pre-Calculus Honors students, Avishai Aghelian, Alex Zhuang, Lawrence Zeng and Katherine Sun (pictured left to right) wear pajamas. (Hwi-On Lee)

Events like Spirit Week allow the community to come together and show our school spirit. On this day, teachers, students, and other staff members alike come together to strengthen the bonds of our community and enjoy the seemingly fleeting moments we have together. Perhaps most importantly, Pajama Day allows students and teachers to unwind and relax during the otherwise taxing school day. As of Tuesday night, we eagerly wait for the reveal of our students’ class logos.

Seniors wear pajamas.
Sophomores Ariel Glucklich and Sofia Harari wear matching pink panda pajamas. (Audrey Bichoupan)


Seniors wear pajamas.
Sophomores Nadia Levy, Shiran Alishahian, Liat Lavian, Yasmin Soleimanian and Sienna Gorjian wear pajamas. (Audrey Bichoupan)