Summer Spirit: Spirit Week Day 2

The week of September 12th marks the initiation of an exciting school year ahead, while students and faculty members celebrate Spirit Week at North High School. During Spirit Week, each day is celebrated with a different theme.

North High students embodied Tuesday’s theme by wearing summer inspired outfits. This theme enables students to embrace themselves and their summer styles, especially embracing their imagination by putting together outfits that correlate with summer. This was an amazing and interactive way to revive our summer memories and summer fun.

The Sophomore’s hallway theme was under the sea. (Credit: Katie Bell)

“I thought this theme was really fun and I loved it. I loved seeing all the grades come together and show our summer spirit” stated Sophomore Emily Kashi. These fun-filled events give North High students, and even faculty members, ways to express themselves through the various vibrant colors and unique outfits being worn. Some male teachers and students of the school wore tropical and vibrant colored button down shirts, sunglasses, bright shorts, and some people even wore bathing suits. 

Some of the female teachers and students wore flowered necklaces, floral tank tops, sunglasses, and denim shorts. All of these amazing outfits allowed people to express themselves and have fun while still learning in school. With the upcoming school year students are increasingly stressed and anxious. This week allowed for students to let loose and have fun especially as they look forward to the rest of the week. 

Decorum for the hallway was also something fun that students looked forward to participating in. Hallway battle is when some students from each grade get assigned a hallway to decorate. They received supplies and transformed the hallway into something exciting for spirit week. After school, kids decorated the hallways by hanging up posters, streamers, stickers and more on the ceilings, walls, and lockers. 

Another one of our decorated hallways.

Another one of our decorated hallways. (Credit: Katie Bell)

The next morning when school began, all the students and faculty members were surprised and amazed how the hallways looked. “After school I stayed for a little while to help decorate the hallways. The next day once I saw everyones reactions was so fun and something I looked forward to seeing” said Elle Matalon.
“It was so thrilling to see a lot of my peers all come together and use all of our ideas to create an amazing, decorative hallway. Coming back from a global pandemic that mentally and socially affected each and every student, it was amazing to see everyone so excited to participate in our first normal spirit week in about 2 years!” Stated Brielle Arasheben, a student office member.

This week brought joy and entertainment to many students and faculty members encouraging students and teachers to look forward to the amazing school year ahead.