Spirit Week Day 4: Class Shirt Day

Thursday was the fourth day of spirit week, which included Quiz Bowl and Class Shirt Day. Students were encouraged to wear their class shirts or colors of their corresponding grade color to show their school spirit and support the community. Freshmen wore yellow, sophomores wore red, juniors wore green, and seniors wore blue.

 Seniors Ava Assaraf. Amanda Lavian, Brooke Bakhshi, and Megan Kashi wearing their class shirts. (Credit: Amanda Lavian)

Class shirts were also designed by students of Great Neck North High School, further involving students in the creative design process of spirit week. “Each grade can make its own ideas, and the designs come to life,” junior Brandon Tehrani commented. These shirts featured puns or creative graphical designs and were sold during lunch periods and after school. 

Throughout the school day, many people wore shirts corresponding to their respective grade, leaving swaths of yellow, red, green, and blue in the hallways and classes, showing their support and school spirit. “There is nothing to lose,” said freshman Dale Yang. “You can participate in school activities and be a part of the community.” 

This holds true for many of the spirit week events, each of which uniquely bring students together. “It’s a way for students to come together as a collective group in a fun way,” said sophomore Maytal Imani. “It’s a strong demonstration of our love for the school this week,” she continued. 

Seniors Mia Delijani and Michelle Wasserman showing their school spirit in their class shirts. (Credit: Mia Delijani)

The class shirts also serve as a way to create and preserve memories, which is especially important among seniors. “Since it’s my senior year, I wanted to experience all the high school events one last time,” said senior Liora Kaya. “It unites our grade and adds a fun element to school!” 

“It gives students an outlet to show their creativity, as well as a week to look forward to and make memories from. I wore it to show school spirit and appreciation for our school!” senior Sophie Frenkel explained.

Friday concluded spirit week, with Blazer Day and the Pep Rally, marking a successful start to the school year.