Girls’ Volleyball Team Makes It to Playoffs


On October 24th, North’s Varsity Girls’ volleyball team played against Floral Park in their final game which also determined their ticket to playoffs. 

“This game was very important for two things: it was our senior game, and our one chance at the playoffs,” senior and outside hitter Anjelica Wu said. “We knew the win was right in front of our hands. During practice, we worked very hard on court coverage, and channeling our love for volleyball.” 

The intense energy radiated throughout the gym on Monday night. Parents and students from both teams showed up with signs and posters to cheer the girls on. 

Also, the Big Sisters and Little Sisters tradition continued. Before games, the Little Sisters from the JV team brought a little gift for their Big Sister. For this match, the Little Sisters designed posters and brought decorations for the seniors and starting players. 

Despite the breeze through the first and second sets, the third set was a bit rough as Floral Park hit twenty a couple points before North. Despite this, Wu and sophomore Mia Rios remained hopeful.

“Keeping the energy up was very important during the game,” Wu said.

Rios reflected on the team’s dynamic and how it contributed to their success in the game. 

“We know each other’s movements and personality so well that in court, we become one single unit working towards the same goal: victory,” Rios said. “It is amazing how a group of young women can grow together to adapt at each challenge and play like we never have before. The senior game is an example of that.”

Anjelica Wu and Mia Rios sit on the bleachers and look excited for the match against Floral Park.

The first playoff game of the season will be on October 28th. The girls believe that winning is a possibility. 

“There were great digs, great touches, and great communication during Monday’s game, and by channeling that same energy and the same passion we will be trying our best to win,” Wu said. 

“Now, as we move on onto a different level of volleyball, that trust in each other is growing significantly,” Rios said.  “I think we can totally win the game on Friday if we are able to work as a single unit towards the victory we deserve.”