Chinese Weather Balloon Causes Concern

For seven days, a big white balloon flew over the United States from China. You won’t believe your eyes when you find out what was inside.

Balloon captured after being popped. (Credit: Safari)

Balloon captured after being popped. (Credit: Safari)

200 feet high, with a machine inside that weighs a couple thousand pounds—from January 28th to February 4th, a giant white balloon was spotted in the air over the United States, filling the public with questions more than answers.

Sophomore Elle Matalon said, “I was not that interested when I heard about this balloon, but as I continued to hear about it more and more, I became more and more interested. I’m curious about what was really going on and personally don’t have an opinion myself, but I do find this whole situation interesting.”

The white balloon floating in the air from ground view (Credit: Safari)

China claimed that the balloon was merely a weather balloon which had unexpectedly drifted into the United States due to the climate. Once the balloon was shot down, the government found high tech equipment inside that could collect communication signals and other information. 

Sophomore Donya Kaidanian said, “I found out about this balloon over the news. I was really confused about what was going on and [I] did not really know what to think about the situation. It seems really interesting that this balloon was flying over the United States, and I hope that the government will find out what is really happening soon.”

Sophomore Morgan Youssian said, “I am really interested in this balloon and what was really behind this situation. I have heard multiple things, but don’t really know what to believe.” 

The balloon is shot down with missiles. (Credit: Safari)

With all the high tech equipment found in the balloon, people are beginning to question if it really was a weather balloon or if there was another side to the story. The United States government is still trying to uncover this mystery.