GNSAF Hosts “Fun Walk for Education” to Raise Money for College Scholarships

Would you like to help students in need go to college while simultaneously enjoying a fun day of exercise? This may be the perfect opportunity to show your support. The Great Neck Student Aid Fund (GNSAF) is hosting its annual “Fun Walk for Education” on Sunday, April 23. The event begins at 10 a.m. and will proceed regardless of the weather. Registering for the event costs $10 for students and $20 for adults.  The walk is 1 mile long, beginning and ending at the Great Neck Plaza Village Hall, located at 2 Gussack Plaza.

Information regarding the “Fun Walk for Education” can be found on the GNSAF website. (Credit: Great Neck Student Aid Fund)

The Great Neck Student Aid Fund, founded in 1931, hosts this event annually to raise money for students who get accepted to college but are unable to afford the cost of attending their school of choice. The proceeds from these events and other donors contribute to covering a student’s first year of tuition. Every year, high school students in Great Neck in need of financial assistance apply to GNSAF for the life-changing opportunity to have their first year of tuition covered. These applications are reviewed and offered on a basis of financial need rather than merit. Everyone who applies and demonstrates financial need will be assisted. 


Many students at Great Neck North applauded the organization. “I believe this event is supporting a very good cause,” said sophomore Derick Zheng. “Everyone should be able to go to college if they get in.” 


In recent years, the cost of attending college has been higher than ever. For many families, the cost of sending their child to college is simply too expensive. Not being able to afford college is the reality some families across the world have to face. 


“It’s very sad and concerning,” said sophomore Zoe Chung. “A lot of times it’s even hard for regular people to pay back student loans and college tuition.”


Even if unable to attend the event, everyone is encouraged to donate on the GNSAF website to support this cause. If you are interested in volunteering for the event, you can contact them through their website. 

The cost of attending college has been rising in recent years, which makes it harder for many families to pay for college (Credit: U.S. News and World Report)