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Apple’s New iPhone 15 Changes iPhones Forever

Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 15 and iOS 17 are some of the biggest changes Apple has made to their iPhones. Enhancements on the camera, overall performance, and charging cable have been made to the latest iPhone, while the new iOS has allowed users to experience a smoother and more enjoyable experience overall. The iPhone 15 further shows how Apple has dominated the tech industry, making adjustments to phones that were never seen before.

Starting at $800, Apple recently released a new iPhone to their collection, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and new features to many users. The iPhone has not only encountered massive changes, like the new charging port or new chip, but also an entirely new iOS (iPhone Operating System).

Along with brand-new features, the iPhone 15 is famous for its groundbreaking performance, bigger and brighter display, and an upgraded 48MP camera. Released on Sept. 22, sales for the new iPhone are expected to surpass that of the iPhone 14 by 10 to 12%. 

A lineup of all new models of the iPhone 15 (Credit: GSM Arena).

Meanwhile, iOS 17, available on any iPhone later than the iPhone XR/XS, comes with remarkable features such as live voicemail screening and changes to FaceTime.

Many other popular phone companies have taken advantage of the USB-C, and Apple is the last to do so (Credit: Pitaka).

The iPhone 15, iPhone 15 plus, iPhone 15 pro, and iPhone 15 pro max are all unique regarding their capabilities and features. However, one thing stands out unanimously among them: an all-new USB-C port. Critics and users have been waiting for this moment for a while now, largely because Apple has surpassed the “due date” to establish a USB-C port; many other phone companies, such as Samsung, made the switch to USB-C ports many years ago.

Having a USB-C port not only provides a much faster charging rate for the iPhone – up to 80 times faster – but also provides a universal charging cable for all phones. What this means is that anyone with multiple phones can now share a single charger for all their phones rather than having one Lightning cable and another USB-C.  

“I believe the USB-C port helps with sustainability issues that occur with the lighting port,” said junior Charlie Li. He continued, “It is also a huge improvement because USB-C cables are used in most electronics.”

The camera is another huge change to the iPhone 15. The iPhone 14 already had a good camera which incorporated a primary 12-megapixel sensor, making photos clearer than ever for Apple users. Still, Apple has shown just how much they can change the game by upgrading this already massive, high-quality camera to an even more powerful 48-megapixel primary lens. The iPhone 15 pro is also furnished with a standard 3 times Telephoto lens, which can be upgraded almost double that to a 5 times Telephoto lens with the Pro Max. This lens allows users to maximize the zoom feature on their iPhone, and its abilities have been put to the test at concerts and sports games by fans in the highest seats— all endeavors successful. 

An Apple user himself, sophomore Ben Rokhsar said, “This iPhone is a generational piece of technology.” He continued, “The ultra scope camera, smoothness, and extreme durability makes it worth getting.”

Another new piece of technology found in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max is the A17 Pro chip. Apple claims that this chipset has up to 20% faster Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) as well as an up to 10% faster Central Processing Unit (CPU). This increase in performance speed and graphics serves as a huge increase towards the phone’s overall performance, maximizing user comfortability and experience. 

Furthermore, Apple’s decision to switch from stainless steel to titanium makes the iPhone 15 a much lighter phone to use. In comparison to the iPhone 14, the iPhone 15 weighs about 9%, or 19 grams, less. 

The iOS 17 update was released on Sept. 18, introducing users with exciting, new additions to the iPhone. Apple upgraded their famous, Bluetooth-based feature AirDrop with NameDrop, a feature that allows two devices to tap each other and magically exchange contact information. Apple has even taken this a step further, allowing users to use cellular data to send and receive information over AirDrop even when two iPhones are not necessarily in range with each other— making AirDrop functionable beyond its original Bluetooth barriers. 

Autocorrect has also improved, adjusting its sensitivity to the user’s texting habits. Instead of “correcting” messages to words that cause confusion or interruption, autocorrect has now improved overall to better understand what a user means. This includes slang words, or even acronyms.   

An example of some of the visual effects which occur on FaceTime (Credit: Mac Rumors).

Arguably, the most enjoyable feature of the new iOS is the new FaceTime visual effects added. These effects, such as hearts, balloons, confetti, fireworks, are triggered by either a long press on your own picture in FaceTime or by using physical gestures towards the camera. For example, a user could long press on their own frame on the FaceTime to bring up a menu of reactions from which they can choose from.

Or, the hands-free method, is to simply put up a gesture. If the user puts one thumbs up, the thumbs up emoji appears on the screen. If the user puts two thumbs up, fireworks appear on the screen, and so on. Apple has a list of the gestures that can be done and read by the iPhone to output a visual effect on the screen. 

“The new FaceTime features are so fun to mess around with when I’m on FaceTime,” said sophomore William Gao. He continued, “Apple’s done a really good job on their new iOS updates lately.” 

StandBy, another new feature, allows users to turn their iPhone into a bedside clock, a photo frame, or more. Once StandBy mode is enabled, the screen adapts to low ambient light at night and displays items with a warm tint. Standby can be adjusted in settings, and allows the iPhone to be turned on at all times, and transformed into whatever the user wants. Of course, with StandBy, no notifications occur, so users have the ability to now dual-use their iPhones. These are only some of the many features iOS 17 has brought to the world of iPhones.

Apple only continues to transform the mobile industry, using the latest technology available to make outstanding phones such as the iPhone 15, and many people are astonished by their products. Time and time again, Apple has managed to shock the public, whether that is with the best wireless earbuds anyone has ever seen, or their absurdly popular iPhones. Will Apple continue to dominate tech, or will someone else top them off?

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