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Spinning Questions: Peloton or Soul Cycle?

Peloton and Soul Cycle are both two popular spinning bike classes-but which one is better? Read this article to discover which I prefer and why.

Peloton and Soul Cycle are both fitness bikes that give a great workout. I own a Peloton, and I love the brand. I’m a frequent customer at the Peloton store in Americana Manhasset; there you can find great workout clothes, accessories, and all of their exercising products. Some of these products include treadmills and different generations of bikes that have upgrades. Despite a few differences, the Peloton bike and Soul Cycle bike look very similar and display the same concepts.

“I went to Soul Cycle with Katie and it was my first time. I think it was really fun but challenging,” said Junior Maya Yazdan. “I also think the instructor who is guiding you has a really big impact if you have a good time or not.” 

In my gym at home, I have a Peloton bike. I used it a lot during quarantine and still go back to it every now and then. Using the special shoes that click into the pedals of the bike, I enjoy all features of my Peloton bike, the most notable feature being the screen. 

This is my favorite Peloton instructer, Olivia (Credit:Instagram).

From the screen, you can select an easy, hard, scenic, or beginner ride. These levels are divided by different lengths, intensities, and music types for each person. This is extremely significant to highlight because there are so many options for what you can do. The Peloton account also has floor workouts you can do that are available.

The bike has different coaches saved in videos that then play on your screen telling you what to do. Something special about this bike is that it has a handle where you can adjust your resistance if you want to go uphill or downhill. There are so many options for everyone on this bike and there are endless opportunities.

“I heard of both the Peloton and Soul Cycle brands. They seem similar,” said sophomore Jaden Maze. “ I never tried either but I see the Peloton brand everywhere.”

Picture of the Roslyn SoulCycle gym room (Credit: Soulcyle Instagram).

The Soul Cycle bike is similar but does have some differences from the Peloton. Instead of owning a SoulCycle bike, there are group classes. There is a SoulCycle location located in Roslyn.

When I walked in for the first time I was greeted with a warm welcome. The workers gave me shoes for the bike and a locker for my stuff. I got a fresh towel for my workout and it felt so welcoming. The room is dark with a bunch of bikes lined up, an instructor on a stage, and blasting music.

Instead of an at-home workout, this is almost like a studio. The coach tells you what to do in person and they give you specific shoes to click into the bike as well. On this bike, there is also a handle that controls the resistance. On the Peloton bike the handle has specific numbers of difficulty ness while on the Soul Cycle bike, the rider can just do the level that they feel most comfortable.

Junior Nicole Harooni said, “I wanted to try Soulcycle because it seemed like a very good workout. When I got to try it I had so much fun and wanted to go again.”

Photo of the Peloton bike. Here you can see the red resistance handle along with the instructor on the screen (Credit: Peloton).

The difference between these two depends on your preferences. I prefer the Soul Cycle. I find the Soul Cycle more motivating because I go with my friends. Something about not being at home and working out motivates me more. Being in the room with all these different people and blasting music is more fun to me than being at my house.

Sometimes when I get on my Peloton, I find myself getting bored easily because of how repetitive the workout can be. Yet, when I’m at the Soul Cycle, I am with a bunch of people. I find myself also getting a better workout when I go to Soul Cycle.

The concept of the bikes is the same, the main difference just comes down to what you prefer. The Peloton does offer more class-type intensity as well as being able to do the class whenever you want. This is more accommodating. The Soul Cycle app has about 4 classes a day with different instructors and at different times. You have to accommodate that into your schedule.

The overall concept of the two is very similar; it just depends on the preference of the setting. They’re both really fun and motivating and you always get a good working in and feel great after. 


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