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Senior Year Success: AP Advice and Strategies

As seniors embark on the intricate journey of college applications and the challenges of their final year, the selection of AP courses plays a pivotal role in crafting a schedule that’s not only rigorous, but also uniquely tailored to your aspirations. This guide aims to provide a formal and practical overview, offering valuable advice from those who have successfully navigated the complexities of AP coursework. Join us in unraveling the essentials of AP selection for senior year.

1. AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry (Credit: College Board).

Unquestionably rigorous, AP Chemistry is an academically demanding course where students venture into the world of chemical structures and reactions. Beyond classroom hours, success hinges on the commitment of dedicated students who embrace the necessity of extensive outside studying. From hands-on labs to challenging exams, the course is designed to stretch the limits of scientific understanding.

Senior Alexandra Abramson, current AP Chemistry student, notes the rigor of the course. “This class requires a lot of effort, but it’s engaging and interesting nature makes the challenge worth it.”

If you’re ready for a challenge in your senior year and hold an interest in the world of chemistry, this course is right for you.

2. AP Environmental Science

AP Environmental Science (Credit: College Board).

For seniors intrigued by environmental issues, AP Environmental Science offers a comprehensive exploration of our planet’s ecology.

Senior Rebecca Kohanim, underscores the class’s practicality. “You’ll gain a deeper understanding of environmental problems, vocabulary, and solutions,” said Kohanim. “When you get involved in discussions and connect the material to real-world scenarios, the topics become much more engaging.”

AP Environmental Science provides a rigorous exploration of ecology without the intensity of AP Chemistry, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a challenging yet balanced course.

3. AP Calculus (AB and BC)

AP Calculus AB (Credit: College Board).

AP Calculus, often seen as the pinnacle of high school math, requires dedication and a solid foundation. This class proves to be super useful for various majors like engineering, pre-med, and economics. With applications in such fields, AP Calculus offers a robust foundation for those who aspire to tackle complex problems and analytical thinking.

Senior Molly Nasiri, a student in AP Calculus, emphasizes practice as the tool for success. “AP Calculus is no walk in the park, but the effort pays off,” said Nasiri. “Seeking help from your teacher and classmates makes all the difference.”

This course is for seniors seeking a challenge and aiming to delve deep into mathematical concepts.

Note: AP Calculus offers two courses—AB and BC. BC covers more material and is considered to be more challenging.

4. AP Economics

AP Macroeconomics (Credit: College Board).

AP Economics, offering both microeconomics and macroeconomics in one year, provides seniors with a comprehensive understanding of economic principles.

Senior Elliot Amirian, an avid learner in AP Economics, shares his enthusiasm. “This class lets me connect economic theories with real-life business decisions, which makes me feel more informed with the real world,” said Amirian. “There are a lot of graphs and models you need to draw, but if you keep up during class, it’s not as bad as it seems.”

It’s crucial to note that taking this class involves preparing for two AP exams at the end of the year. For those with a keen interest in economic theory and a willingness to tackle a double load, AP Economics is a rewarding challenge.

(Note: AP Macroeconomics is also offered as a standalone course, allowing for a more in-depth exploration over the entire year.)

5. AP U.S. Government and Politics

AP U.S. Government and Politics (Credit: College Board).

In AP U.S. Government and Politics, students delve beyond conventional political science studies, immersing themselves in the complexities of our government and political systems.

According to Brandon Tehrani, a dedicated student, the course demands active engagement while being very memorization-based. “AP Government allows for students to have a good mix between debate and facts about real time politics,” Tehrani explains.

This course puts students on a path towards informed and engaged citizenship, offering a comprehensive exploration of the political landscape.

6. AP English Literature and Composition

AP English Literature and Composition (Credit: College Board).

​​AP English Literature and Composition is a great way for seniors to be introduced to a higher level of writing. It offers a platform to refine analytical and critical thinking skills through the exploration of literature. Though challenging, the rewards, as noted by previous students, include significant improvements in writing.

Senior Meital Ashirzadeh, current student in AP Literature, emphasized the class’s true nature. “I love the class, but it’s a lot different than what I expected,” Ashirzadeh shares. “You need to keep up with readings, grapple with challenging texts, and encounter readings that are practically impossible to understand.”

For seniors who enjoy literature and are ready to elevate their writing to a more sophisticated level, AP Literature stands as a fitting choice. 

So, juniors, remember to choose wisely as you craft your senior year schedule. Consider the unique offerings of each AP course, and seek a balance between challenge and practicality, aligning your choices with your interests and aspirations.

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