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Sipping in Style: Current Water Bottle Trends

Water bottle trends change just as frequently as fashion. This year, bottle’s like the HydroFlask are out, and Stanley’s and Owala’s are in.

What was once a simple vessel for carrying water has evolved into a fashion statement, a symbol of environmental consciousness, and even an emotional support tool. Reusable water bottles have sparked a plethora of trends, from sleek stainless steel designs to customizable options that reflect personal style.

Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest have played a significant role in shaping water bottle trends by showcasing stylish designs, DIY customization ideas, and hydration challenges. Influencers and celebrities often feature trendy water bottles in their posts, contributing to their popularity and driving consumer interest. Brands like Yeti, Swell, Contigo, Gatorade, and HydroFlask have all had their moment in the spotlight, but overtime other brands have taken their place. 

A few years ago, Hydro Flask became a hit for its ability to keep drinks cold all day and its colorful options. If you remember the VSCO girl era in 2020, the popular Hydro Flask water bottle was a necessary accessory. 

The VSCO girl look was not complete without a hydro flask in hand (Credit: Seventeen Magazine).

But, it had a problem—it didn’t fit well in car cup holders.

Right now, the most popular water bottle on the market has to be the Stanley cup. Initially being favored by construction workers, the cups looked and functioned far differently from today’s most popular model.

The old vs. new Stanley (Credit: CNBC).

It was only until the brand introduced a new design (The Stanley Quencher H2.O Flowstate) with a range of pastel colors, that they began flying off store shelves.

Hashtag “StanleyCup” has over 6.8 billion views on TikTok with videos of fans and influencers collecting them, decorating them, camping out overnight to buy them, and naming them. Who knew a water bottle could become an internet sensation!

It’s the $45 Stanley 40-ounce tumbler known as the quencher that has everyone in a chokehold.

Junior Dylan Brenner bought a Stanley cup and said, “I never drank this much water before, but now I drink two Stanley’s a day.”

Junior Dylan Brenner and her 30-ounce Stanley cup (Credit: Ella Shamash).

“I thought that it was just going to be a phase,” said junior Sherry Torbati, “but it’s obviously not.”

The Stanley cup trend has fully taken over. Even stores like Marshalls have caught on, with shelves filled with Stanley cup “dupes” or similar designs made by other brands. 

When visiting Marshall’s, I wasn’t surprised that their water bottle section was filled with copies of the Stanley Quencher cup (Credit: Ella Shamash).

Despite all the popularity and craze surrounding Stanley Cup-style water bottles, some are looking at a new brand called Owala.

The Owala FreeSip is different from all other bottles. The FreeSip has a 2 in 1 spout with a built in straw and wide mouth opening for two different ways to drink. You can sip through the built-in straw or chug through the wide mouth opening. 

Sophomore Lea Eshagoff said, “The ability to comfortably sip from a straw, or drink as if a normal water bottle, makes things so easy!” 

Not only that, but the bottle is leak proof (unlike the Stanley) and easy to clean. 

Users can simply flip open the lid to reveal a wide opening, making it quick and effortless to refill the bottle on the go (Credit: Owala).

Because of Owala’s unique features and designs, the brand has become a big hit.

“I have gone through many water bottles through life, and I have to say that Owala is by far my favorite,” said Eshagoff.

The Owala Color Drop is a series of special-edition colors that are sold in limited quantities (Credit: Owala).

Studies have shown that staying hydrated can help regulate mood and cognitive function, making water bottles a literal source of emotional support. These water bottle trends are ever-changing, and I do not think the trends will stop here.

So, can you predict what the next water bottle trend will be?

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