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Magnitude 4.8 Earthquake Shakes Up Northeast

On Friday morning, students and staff sensed rumbling from deep below the waxed floorboards of North High. Some initially dismissed it as construction, while others were convinced the student behind them was kicking their chair. That is, until the Amber Alerts went off.

At 10:19 in the morning on Friday, Apr. 5, a magnitude 4.8 earthquake struck in Tewksbury, a small town with a population of just under six thousand in midwestern New Jersey.

Friday’s earthquake ranked fourth in the top five largest earthquakes near NYC (Credit: Lamont-Doherty Cooperative Seismographic Network).

Soon after, the quake was felt in Syracuse, Philadelphia, Boston, and even as far as Baltimore.

People across the Northeast were quick to tweet about the quake.

“You’re telling me I’m paying nyc rent prices just to be on the same tectonic plate as Philly and Boston,” Brandon Follick joked in a tweet that accumulated over fifty thousand likes. “I’m feeling sick.”

In internet forums such as Reddit, people also expressed varying opinions and experiences from the event.

“I thought my neighbors were moving or having a party or something and [I] started yelling at them to stop,” u/Consistent-Job6841T said. “Then I realized the walls were literally shaking lol.”

In the same forum, u/Atlantrex joked, “We called it the Harlem Shake up here.”

North High students expressed similar sentiments.

“It literally felt like some guy sitting behind me was shaking his legs,” sophomore Ivy Zhang said.

“The sensations were pretty unfamiliar since New York never has earthquakes,” sophomore Ethan Lam said. “Many kids in my class didn’t know what was going on.”

Meanwhile, just ten minutes after the quake shook up New York City, Big Frog Custom T-Shirts owner Kerry Colley had already created a t-shirt commemorating the event.

“I Survived The NYC Earthquake” t-shirts by Big Frog Custom T-Shirts (Credit: Yahoo News).

“That guy sure knows how to capitalize on trends,” senior Zihan Yu said. “He knows exactly what will amuse people.”

For many Northeasterners, this was their first earthquake. The last earthquake of the same magnitude occurred in 1848, but since then, earthquakes in this region have been minuscule and unnoticeable. While this was the first earthquake of its time in nearly two hundred years, police officers and officials say that there is nothing to fear— there was no significant reported property damage or loss of life.

New York City Emergency Management monitored reports after the earthquake hit (The New York Times).

Scientists caution that while information such as when an earthquake will hit or how much damage it might cause is not yet possible, residents living in areas far from fault lines like New York City should not worry over the possibility of a next earthquake. In general, New York City has “probably the best emergency management department in the country,” as New York University Transportation Director Sarah Kaufman claims.

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