Zoe Le-Champion diver and swimmer


Zoe Lee diving backwards.

Chloe Chu, Associate Editor

Zoe Le could probably pass for just your average sophomore, but in reality she is much more than that.

Zoe Le is an exceptionally talented diver and swimmer. This year alone she broke a total of four school records; the 200 medley, 200 free relay, 6 dive and 11 dive.

Not only has Le broken school records but has even made it to states for her second year with 497 points which is 57 points above the required amount and 25 points improved from her first year a states.

Le started diving 5 years ago. “At first it was just me diving leisurely and I didn’t think I’d have a future in diving,” said Le. “But my coach said I had potential and recommended that I start coming more. So as I practiced more, I felt like I could go somewhere with the sport.”

Extremely humble, Zoe thanks people close to her for her success. “My teammates in school and on my club team are all supportive and mainly my parents encourage me to do my best,” said Le.

Le is a remarkably dedicated to her sport, quitting many endeavors, like playing the piano, to keep up with practices. “I used to play tennis and ice skate but as I focused more on diving I didn’t have much time for other activities,” said Zoe Le.

Le’s diving practices are intensive and time consuming. “For diving, we stretch, condition for about an hour and then go to the pool and dive,” said Le.

Zoe Le also swim for the girls varsity swim team. She is a sprinter for the team, a person who swims short distances very quickly.

Le even attends morning swim in addition to all her practices. So how does she keep up with all the pressures of school as well as diving and swimming?

It seems as though not even the greatest athletes can avoid cramming. “I try to do some work during lunch, I have an hour when I come home from school, and then I finish my homework when I come home,” said Le. “It was hard to balance at first but as I went to practice more often, I learned to manage my time better.”

Besides swimming and diving there is one more thing that Zoe Le loves to do and has not stopped doing. “I love snowboarding,” said Le. Le leisurely snowboards every Christmas and winter break.