The Green New Deal: Dealing with Global Climate and Inequality

Representative Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Markey propose a radical plan to change America.


Ocasio and Markey announcing The Green New deal at a press conference(Credit:The New York Times)

The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change recently released a report saying that in just a short twelve years the effects of climate change will be irreversible.

Though the expected increase in temperature will have extremely harmful effects on our planet, no federal legislation has been proposed or passed by the Trump administration to counter global warming.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Senator Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts, bring what they call the Green New Deal to a mainstream audience as a way to combat global warming.

Ocasio-Cortez talking with sit in protesters for environmental change.(Credit: Refinery29)

The Green New Deal was also created to fix problems like racial injustice and economic inequality in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Within 10 years the plan hopes to source 100 percent of America’s electricity from renewable and zero emissions power, upgrade every building to be more energy efficient, and bring heavy investment to electric vehicles, high-speed rail and more eco-friendly transportation.

The plan also attempts to help workers in industries that rely on fossil fuels that by providing job training.

Creating high paying jobs, making access to clean air, clean water, and promoting healthy food should be a part of our basic human rights. Ending these various oppressions are included in the aims of The Green New Deal.

While all these goals may seem radical, the plan calls for similar radical action in order the achieve them.

The Green New Deal resembles its predecessor, The New Deal, created by Franklin D. Roosevelt, in that its not one single project, but many.

Like The New Deal, it will also contain public works projects and financial reforms.

How much these new regulations will cost are still not clear, as politicians and sources like CNN to The New York Times range their estimates from 1 trillion to 100 trillion dollars. But many people say that the investment will pay for itself through immense economic growth.

If passed, The Green New Deal would be completely rebuilding the bases of American society.

Passionate protesters Of the sunrise group, who pushed for the green new deal(Credit:Politico)

Despite the price tag, this investment is something that should be considered as it will help keep our planet cleaner, and livable for much longer