Recap of the 2019 Thespian Show

Six one-act shows directed and written by seniors were revealed over the course of three nights. They were a big hit among the audience!


The cast and directors of the Thespian show proudly bowing. (Credit: Chloe Chu)

This year’s Thespian show featured six one-act performances: Appropriate Audience Behavior, Small World, How to Kiss a Girl, Drugs are Bad, The Fight for First Flute, and First Past the Post.

The cast of the six different acts of the Thespian show (credit: Chloe Chu)

All of the shows were directed by seniors, and two, The Fight for First Flute and First Past the Post, were written by them.

It was really fun to watch these plays, so here is a small overview if you missed it!

The Fight for First Flute
Written and directed by Molly Racsko, The Fight for First Flute depicted a very punny investigation of the murder of the first flute of an orchestra. Two detectives, one who is obsessed with music puns, must figure out which of the four suspects is the murderer.

The two detectives checking out the crime scene. (Credit: Chloe Chu)

The four suspects consist of a cranky conductor, a calm and intelligent second flute, a girl who didn’t even want to be in the orchestra, and a seemingly dim-witted and nonchalant last flute. With a comical twist to end, this show was very lighthearted and interesting!

The four suspects of the mysterious murder of the first flute. (Credit: Chloe Chu)

Drugs are Bad
Directed by Alan Chau and Omeed Tartak, this show presents a heated argument between an angsty teenage son and his parents. The quirk is that their son actually enjoys going to school, studying, and eating healthy.

Hysterical parents confront their relions son. (Credit: Chloe Chu)

In a strange reversal, the parents are the ones advocating for their son to live a dangerous lifestyle of drugs and sex while their “rebellious” son refuses to comply. In the end, it’s revealed to be a part of a big plan to get their son where they really want him to be. This satirical take on how children just want to do the opposite of what their parents want was really entertaining.

Upset son tell his parents to back off. (Credit:Chloe Chu)

Small World
Directed by Liza Friedland, the performance displayed three dates, where two people seem to hit it off really well while their exes are on dates as well. Describing their previous “crazy” girlfriends and boyfriends, the two main characters seem to have gone through a lot in their respective love lives.

The three girls meeting up their dates. (Credit: Chloe Chu)

They share ludicrous anecdotes of their previous lovers, that range from being sexually attracted by chickens to being obsessed with Friends, and by the end, it’s revealed by that the two protagonists are actually pathological liars. It was very silly and gathered lots of laughs!

The main protagonist in the center describe the hilarious exes, which are on the sides. (Credit: Chloe Chu)

First Past the Post
Written and directed by Samuel Calto, this act showed a high school ruled by a dictator princess who was cut from the fencing team for losing one match.

Propaganda for the princess at the beginning of the show reveals her complete control. (Credit: Chloe Chu)

In retaliation, the fencing team captain decides to run against the princess while gaining the support of other, similarly “oppressed” students.

The princess with her obedient workers. (Credit: Chloe Chu)

Calto explores a totalitarian government in a high school setting, with a whimsical ending of bribing a principal with cookies.

In the end the fencing team captain is able to show how the princess only cared about power. They sway the principle easily with cookies. (Credit: Chloe Chu)

Appropriate Audience Behavior

Directed by Rayna Cooke and Maytal Reiss, Appropriate Audience Behavior offers a humorous and ironic story centered around two girls watching a Hamlet play. Unfortunately, no matter where the main characters choose to sit, they are always disturbed by wacky characters that make enjoying the play a bit more difficult than it should be. From sassy couples that won’t stop fighting, to strange individuals who continuously laugh, the struggle of finding a quiet spot to sit and watch a movie is infuriating to the protagonists, but hilarious to the audience.

(Credit: Claire Pan)


How to Kiss a Girl

Directed by Freddy Sion, this act is about a teenager dealing with his first date. It is a comedy that plays off the awkwardness and relatability of being young and looking for love. The twist is that the Ken, the protagonist, uses his phone to obtain dating advice from all different time periods. In his attempt to use all the varying advice at once, the result is an action-packed and humorous evening with his date.


(Credit: Claire Pan)


Overall, the 2019 Thespian show was a night of laughs and surprises. And for many seniors, it was the last production as a member of the Junior Players club. Though a somber marking of the end of high school acting, those seniors surely went out with a bang!