PART 2: Top 10 Funniest Teachers


Here is the article you have long been awaiting for: a PART 2 for the Top 10 Funniest Teachers at Great Neck North High. There are more than just 10 funny teachers at our school. If you want to see the first 10, you can read the article here: Here are another 10 teachers to add to the list of Great Neck North High School’s Funniest Teachers.

1. Ms.Ostrover

There is never a dull moment in Ms. Ostrover’s class. In her class, you will often hear her random outbursts of creative insults. According to one of her students, “her really funny personality spills over into her teaching which makes the material more enjoyable in class.” She plays 

She’s able to make jokes which are relevant to class discussions while managing to cleverly relate to lessons in class and to current events. Mrs. Ostrover is overall and expert at self-deprecating humor, and teaching classes (of course!)


2. Mr. Lipani

In Mr. Lipani’s math class, you might be in awe of the speed that Mr. Lipani is able to respond with a creative comeback. His students love to hear his wild stories. “His wild past comprised of being a professional eater and getting banned from a park just make him all the more funnier,” says Aaron Baron.

Mr. Lipani himself doesn’t think that it is much attributed to his skill, but rather the students giving him the opportunity and material to work with. He regularly comes up with clever comebacks to students’ comments or answers, and is “surprisingly witty for a math teacher”.


3. Mr. Zak

“Can your English teacher do trig? Of Cosecant!”

This is Mr. Zak’s favorite joke. He is saying of course your English teacher can’t do trig. Like this one, Zak uses math puns and jokes throughout his classes. His catchphrase is “Let’s do that Do Now!”. With his crazy stories, his students can never keep a straight face in his class  

4. Mrs. Carpenter

Mrs. Carpenter always knows how to give a good laugh to her students. Even while discussing serious content during Health class, she manages to bring humor into the conversation.  “I like to try and see the bright side of things and bring some of that to the students,” says Mrs. Carpenter.

“This class allows us to talk about potentially embarrassing subjects and questions but be able to infuse humor to ease possible discomfort. I like to think that even with the stresses many of the students face during the day, they can come to my class and share a smile and laugh.” As a student of hers, I can most definitely agree.


5. Ms. Babkes

“​I didn’t know I was funny!” said Ms. Babkes, Social Studies Department Chair. She thinks she is “sarcastic, maybe, and a bit irreverent. And funny-looking.” But she can say everything without saying anything at all. She has perfected the use of facial expression, and can say anything to a student with just a glance. Babkes is a very theatrical teacher and incorporates her background in the arts into many of her expressive lessons.


6. Mr. Ragot

Mr. Ragot is interesting. He helps students learn something in a million different ways, with any object, at any time in any place. According to Luca Sharabani, one time he pretended to be a plant growing to model the Agricultural revolution. He flapped around on the floor to pretend to be a bird and a seed. And as Mr. Ragot says, “I’m the only one allowed to make jokes. Because I am the teacher.”


7. Mr. Mannebach

“If I’m considered to be one of the funniest teachers, what does that reveal about the rest of the faculty? It must be because I’m funny looking.  Maybe it’s the glasses. Or the beard. Maybe it’s my sense of style (or senseless style). Perhaps self-depreciation, honest yet wry and sarcastic commentary, and never being afraid to be the clown,” says Social Studies teacher Mr. Mannebach.

He is always able to pull a laugh out from everyone. One time in class, he poured water all over his desk to prove how easy Communism can spread. His papers got wet, but at least his students got to learn while being entertained.


8. Mr. Appell

Mr. Appell is known for his signature sarcasm. Through his desire to create a perfect class dynamic Mr. Appell does his best to teach the class while simultaneously entertaining his students. Whether it’s because he’s mispronouncing words, calling someone a wacky nickname, or telling a story to the class you’re always guaranteed to laugh when you walk into Mr. Appell’s class.


9. Mr. Bambino

“I’m not that funny”, says Mr. Bambino. But according to his students, Mr. Bambino is everything but not funny. Without even trying, Bambino will make a joke or do something unintentionally and the whole class will laugh. His compelling stories always work to grab the students attention.


10. Mr. Griffin

While interviewing Mr.Griffin, he believed the system was rigged that he was chosen as one of the funniest teachers in school. “Living in the now is so much better when you smile and people around you smile and perhaps even chuckle or laugh,” Griffin said. He finds the language of teenagers to be funny, as it fascinates him.

“Adolescents, better known as insecure teenagers, provide so much material to reflect on and highlight. ‘Yo bro, like when you like goin’ to do that thing.'” He suggests students thinks he is funny because they do not know what real funny is yet and are still in need of much life experience. “Life is good!”