Class of 2020 Takes Pie Eating: Spirit Week 2019

Sophomore Dana Yadidi had never eaten pie before, let alone pie like this. Today, her face was full of it. 

What better way to explore the sweet aromas of apple pie then North High’s pie-eating showdown. 

Tag teams from each grade are pit against one another in a rapid race to devour an entire pie. The annual event requires that participants delve into the pans of pie gunk face first, emerging with their faces a gooey mess. 

The 2019 Pie Eating participants were as follows:

Freshmen – Linda Li and Aaron Harouni

Sophomore – David Mizrahi and Dana Yadidi

Junior- Anaya Cullen and Brandon Delafraz 

Senior- Shiv Karwal and Kelly Chau

Though this year’s event had been rescheduled from its original place at the start of Spirit Week due to rainy weather conditions, the spirits of the student body this Wednesday, September 18 were all but dampened. 

Students hollered and pushed their way through the crowd eager to watch as senior Kelly Chau began to bulldoze through her pie, her face covered with the familiar chunks of apple. Though the seniors had gained an early lead, junior Anaya Cullum followed in a close second. 

The underclassmen were also absorbed in a tense battle for dominance, with freshman Linda Li promptly overtaking sophomore Yadidi. Sophomore Mizrahi’s subsequent efforts to salvage third place were unavailing, conceding third place to the freshmen class.

However, any and all efforts to overtake the 2020 seniors would be in vain as senior Shiv Karwal demolished the pie with the same enthusiasm as Chau.

“Going into it I was pretty nervous,” Karwal explained as he described his role as a last-minute stand-in. “I obviously didn’t want to lose. It’s senior year. But once we got into the circle thing and everyone was cheering and hyping me up I knew I just had to eat.”

In the words of Karwal, just “eating” is what helped the seniors earn a consecutive victory following their underdog triumph last year.

Following the Pie Eating Contest will be Quiz Bowl on Thursday, September 19 and lastly Pep Rally on Friday. 

These were the final standings for Spirit Week as of Wednesday:

Seniors: 30

Juniors: 20

Sophomores: 10

Freshmen: 5