Nassau County Fights for Abortion

On May 7, Long Islanders rallied in front of the Nassau County Courthouse to express their opposition to the rulings found in the leaked draft of the Supreme Court’s position on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

Woman wears a large earring that reads “ABORTION” to an abortion rights march in New York City (Credit: CNN).

A leaked Supreme Court draft in response to this recent court case outlined that the Supreme Court had plans to overturn the 1973 decision made in Roe v. Wade, a landmark Supreme Court Case that prevents states from baning abortion during the first trimester of pregnancy, allows reasonable governmental health regulations during the second trimester of pregnancy, and prohibits abortions during the third trimester of pregnancy, unless the birth could bring harm to the mother.

Leaked draft of the Supreme Court’s indefinite judgment on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (Credit: Politico).

Here on Long Island, dozens of protesters endured freezing, pouring rain to challenge the introduction of the Supreme Court’s possible decision of illegalizing abortions.

Woman at the rally holds up a sign that states “we’re not going back,” referring to a time when women did not have legal rights to get an abortion (Credit: Ava Muntner).

State Senator Anna Kaplan, member of Planned Parenthood, organized and hosted this rally to advocate for female reproductive rights. “We refuse to be silent while our right to access reproductive healthcare services is stolen from us,” Kaplan said. “We’re going to do everything in our power to protect women’s rights here in New York, and we’re going to loudly and proudly fight back against the extremists who are trying to take away our freedoms.”

Other public figures including US Senator Chuck Schumer and NY Attorney General Letitia James delivered speeches at the demonstration.

James encouraged individuals to use their First Amendment rights to make a difference during a time in which so much is at risk. “We’ve got to sound the alarm because silence right now, my friends, is our enemy,” James stated. “So we’ve got to organize. We must organize.”

NY Attorney General Letitia James delivered a speech to an eager audience on Saturday, May 7 in response to the leakage of the Supreme Court’s indefinite decision to illegalize abortion (Credit: Ava Muntner).

Junior Ava Muntner attended the event and took photographs of the protesters and speakers. 

“It was truly inspiring and motivating to see so many individuals show up to this protest even during an extreme downpour,” Muntner said. “I am honored and fortunate that I was able to capture such historic moments like these through my photography.”

Many believe, including those who organized and attended this protest, that it is vital to make oneself heard in order to make a difference. 

“People must begin to take action and make their voices heard before it’s too late,” said junior Lian Nachman.“Our views will be overlooked if we don’t take immediate action and we will suffer numerous consequences including the possibility of history repeating itself.”