Pep Rally 2018


Alyssa Ghassabian and Nora Monasheri

Last Friday marked the final day of spirit week. Students filled the big gym in hopes that their grade would win. Weeks of preparation had lead up to this important day. No matter whether it was their first pep rally or their last, students were filled with excitement and expectation. Throngs of students clad in Blazers colors ignited School Spirit throughout the school.

Here’s the Pep Rally Breakdown…


As students were ushered into the gymnasium, the band started off with perfect notes and familiar tunes. The kilties then kicked off an amazing opening, showcasing their elegant kicks and weeks of hard work. Next, the cheerleaders and grade representatives performed marvelous stunts and dances. Students bursted into laughter at the sight of their favorite teachers running across the gym in the advisor games.

The atmosphere was already animated and energetic as MCs Amanda Shirazi, senior, and Claire Kivelowitz, senior, urged students to participate. “It’s shocking to know that today was my last pep rally and I was fortunate enough to host it. While being MC was a lot of work, it was totally worth it. Watching each grade cheer on their teachers and classmates was an unreal experience. Being MC was a perfect way to end my pep rally experiences,” Kivelowitz says.

Varsity teams walked across the gym, with their captains being acknowledged and seniors being celebrated. After, each grade’s dance team performed their original choreography with confidence and enthusiasm.

The scores were announced after conclusion of the aforementioned activities. Each grade manifested their school pride and engaged the crowd in spirited displays. The hour and a half was full of jam-packed fun in many different ways. Through creativity, hard work, and endless spirit, the sophomores reigned victorious for Spirit Week. Meanwhile, the juniors held second place and seniors following and freshman coming in last.

All photos were taken and permitted for use by Joanna Chung, senior.