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Meet the Valedictorian of the Class of 2024

Senior Zach Hyman has been named the valedictorian of North High’s class of 2024. Learn more about the stellar student in this article.

On a seemingly typical Thursday morning, Zach Hyman walked to the guidance office for a meeting with his counselor, Ms. Corrigan. Upon his arrival, she led him to the library, where his family members stood, and Dr. Holtzman greeted him and said, “Please welcome the valedictorian of the class of 2024!” 

Although his parents knew of the achievement two weeks prior, this was Hyman’s first time hearing the news. “It was both really exciting and shocking because I wasn’t thinking I would get it,” he said. “I felt happy that everything I went through in high school paid off.”

Zach Hyman (pictured one from the left) after being named valedictorian (Credit: Great Neck Public Schools).

His undeniable dedication manifests itself in both his remarkable grades, as well as the rigorous courses he has taken throughout high school. Physics 9 Honors with Mr. Schorn, Algebra 2 Honors with Ms. Anastasis, and AP Computer Science A with Mr. Cubinski all contributed to his growth as a student and a person. Physics 9 Honors encouraged Hyman to persevere through questions that he initially found intimidating, while Algebra 2 Honors illuminated his love of working through difficult problems. As for AP Computer Science A? “It’s a class that helps you notice the tiniest little details because with programming and computer science, if you miss a single thing, it throws the entire question off,” he said.

Despite the challenges he initially faced in AP Computer Science A, however, Hyman became increasingly interested in computer science and other forms of science. Though this was—in part—due to his experimentation with other classes, such as Investments and Accounting, he found himself enamored with the subject and even decided to pursue it when applying to colleges. 

Hyman presenting a poster at the Feinstein Institutes of Medical Research at Northwell (Credit: Zach Hyman).

In December 2023, Hyman committed to Duke University, known for their large populace of STEM majors and successful men’s basketball team. According to Hyman, he chose the university because “not every college has a biophysics major, and Duke best fits my academic interests; they have an excellent pre-med track, so there will be a lot of internship and volunteer opportunities.” 

In addition to his academic skills, Hyman attributes much of his success to a strong mindset. In fact, his mantra applies to both academic and social realms: if you have a problem, there is a solution. Whether he procrastinates or not, for example, the homework will still exist until he overcomes it. This ideology propelled Hyman to remain determined, excelling despite the rigor and intimidation of high school. 

Another catalyst of his accomplishments is his passion for learning: “I see every class, regardless of whether or not it’s a subject I particularly enjoy, as an opportunity to learn and an opportunity to find out things about myself that I didn’t know before,” Hyman said. Subsequently, he discovered his love for computer science, as well as facilitated his relationships with teachers. His inherent curiosity and interest in academia both revealed a sense of fulfillment in high school. 

 “Take advantage of what North High has to offer in terms of its academics and its activities,” he said, a final piece of advice for students. Hyman himself is involved in an abundance of extracurricular activities. He is the founder and president of North High’s Peer Tutoring Club, president of the chess team, and is also involved in various singing-related activities at North High; outside of school, he interns at the Feinstein Institutes of Medical Research at Northwell and participates in county-wide choirs. 

Hyman performing at the Tiles Center, as a participant in the All-County Choir (Credit: Zach Hyman).

Hyman also urges underclassmen to broaden their horizons, experimenting in areas they might not find appealing initially. This approach—expanding one’s scope of potential interests—led him to computer science, as well as a sense of fulfillment. 

“Even if you take something that you don’t think you’re going to like … take it because you never know,” he said. “I view school and all the classes that I take as things that contribute to my curiosity.”

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