Best Pals: Club Feature

Best Pals: Club Feature

North High School’s Best Pals isn’t your typical after-school club. “Being a member of Best Pals is a fun and fulfilling experience,” said club member Brandon Sharif.


The club’s primary goal is to give special education students the opportunity to become more integrated into theNorth High community. Around 40 members of the general education club prepare the social events that the approximately 30 members of the special education club attend. The group, which is now in its 10th year, aims to help kids bridge the invisible line that all too frequently divides people with disabilities from those without. 


The group provides special education students with opportunities for social engagement, allowing them to form one-on-one friendships and meet children from different districts. Some of the most recent and popular events include the Thanksgiving Feast, the Pajama Movie andGame Night, and the Valentine’s Day Dance.


The Best Pals atmosphere enables students to interact with new people and have a lasting impact on each other’s lives.Club president Leon Asnadi says he enjoys “being able to spend time with [his] peers during after hours and create new friendships”. “I love seeing club members in the halls every Monday, eager to find out about what we are doing later on in the day,” he added.


Students interested in joining Best Pals can join the Google Classroom using the following code: njkvmbb. The club meets in room 40 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 2:30.