An Artistic Perspective of the Art Club

The Art Club is a place for everyone to come together to express themselves in the form of art. Every Wednesday afternoon students have the opportunity to demonstrate their artistic abilities, whether they are experienced artists or new to art. The members consist of a diverse selection of students who took past art classes, AP art students, students who simply like art, and those who can’t fit art into their class schedule and take this opportunity to do so. However, what brings them all together is their interests in the arts.

“We do a lot of different things in the Art Club. It really depends on the members of the club and what they want to bring to the club and what they want to do. So, as an example, we do art workshops, digital art workshops… work on murals, we also often join up with other clubs and help out with certain projects that they’re doing,” said club advisor, Mrs. Man. 

Furthermore, the club not only does personal projects and helps out with other clubs but is also involved in charity work. “We typically play art games [but also] make holiday cards for children, veterans and others who may like them,” said Mia Xu. 

Members of the Art Club gather for their weekly meetings on Wednesdays. (Credit: Audrey Bichoupan)

Mrs. Man further explains that “the art club is designing holiday cards to send out to the troops to thank them for their services.”Students in the Art Club also have the chance to show off their efforts and work during their annual event. “One of the big events is Coffee House, which is in the spring. It’s kind of like an open mic talent show… and the art club hosts it and decorates the commons.” Along with that, the art club holds a mug design contest, where members of the club are given the opportunity to design a mug, in which the winner’s mug will be given out at the Coffee House event.  

Despite what many may assume, the art club is not just about art. “Everyone here is very nice and happy to be there. The art club atmosphere makes me feel welcomed,” said Adina Huq. The art club is a place to make new friends while exploring their love for art. It gives students the chance to learn from each other and Mrs. Man. The art club is the place to recognize students who are dedicated and committed to the visual arts. 

Members of the Art Club discussing the next project that they will be working on. (Credit: Audrey Bichoupan)