North High’s Magic Flute Performance

The production of the Magic Flute by North High’s Arts and Technology departments.

North High’s music department wowed its audience with its annual opera production, this time performing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”. The two-night performance, held on Friday and Saturday evenings, showcased the musical and theatrical talents of North’s drama students.

“Friday night’s performance was absolutely delightful,” said Jessica Vega, former head of publicity for the district. “We thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Actors and a few pit members during bows (Credit: Ava Hoffman).

“The Magic Flute” is one of Mozart’s most beloved operas, with its intricate score and magical themes that have enchanted audiences for centuries. The story centers on Prince Tamino (played by Jack Brenner and Owen Roubeni), who is tasked with rescuing Princess Pamina (played by Abigail Israel) from the clutches of the evil Queen of the Night (played by Jacqueline Park). Along the way, he receives the help of the magical flute and a loyal companion, Papageno (played by Maverick Williams) who dreams of finding his own Papagena (played by Emely Renteria). The story is filled with deep meanings, with themes of love, enlightenment, and the power of music. The cast of North High’s production brought the story to life with their powerful vocal performances and extraordinary acting. 

Tamino and Pamina, played by Owen Roubeni and Abigail Israel (Credit: JP Instagram).

The Magic Flute was directed by Mr. Stivanello and accompanied by a pit orchestra, led by Dr. Noh on violin and Dr. Levy on the piano. It also featured student instrumentalists: Hwi-On Lee and Su Qi Tian on the violin, Stephany Barbu on the viola, Matthew Kwong on the cello, and Miszuki Natsu on the cello and piano. The live orchestra added a layer of depth and complexity to the music, unattainable through simple recordings played on speakers, as they had in past years.

“I was honestly so surprised when I realized that this was a high school performance,” freshman Naomi Zarnigian said.

This year’s performance was the first time that the opera was accompanied by a pit orchestra, adding to the already impressive track record of the North High Music Department. With the results of this year, many are excited to see next year’s production.


The ensemble of the opera (Credit: Ava Hoffman).

“This was such an amazing experience,” freshman Ellen Barbu said. “I had the amazing opportunity to work backstage and learn how crucial each job is for displaying a show like this.”

In addition to “The Magic Flute”, this year the department has already performed “Les Miserables” for their annual musical, which also featured the pit orchestra. They are also already working on the upcoming annual play “The Bold, The Young, and The Murdered” which will be performed in the coming weeks.

The success of this year’s opera production is a testament to the hard work and dedication of North High’s music and drama students, who have been practicing tirelessly for months to perfect their craft. Their talented teachers and conductors have provided the guidance and support needed to put on such an amazing production.

The cast and crew send a special thank you to the people who made this show possible: Mr. Meehan (Tech Crew), Mr. Antinori (Stage Craft), Mr. Griffin (Set Building), and everyone else, including the parents, and volunteers who worked behind the scenes.

The North High community is proud of this accomplished production and looks forward to seeing what the music department has in store for future performances. With their drive and talent, there is no doubt that the students will continue to amaze and inspire audiences for years to come. The magic of “The Magic Flute” may have ended, but the magic of North High’s music and drama department continues to live on.