Get to Know Your S.O. President

Learn more about the upcoming S.O. President

Each year North High students elect a school organization president that they believe will properly represent them.  This year, junior Ethan Dayani was selected to lead North High in the 2023-2024 school year. 

Dayani was recently elected as the S.O. President for the 2023-2024 school year. (Credit: Ethan Dayani)

Dayani chose to run for president because he wanted to serve as a voice for the students. 

“I wanted to become president because I saw problems in the school that were affecting students but did not see anyone advocating for the students,” said Dayani. “For example, I saw that every day when students finished their lunch, they wanted to go inside, use the bathroom, and wash their hands before class. However, they are not allowed inside until the period ends, which hinders their ability to learn, as it means they have to use the bathroom during valuable instruction time”.

Dayani’s experience throughout his past three years in high school have prepared him to take on this new position.  Dayani has immersed himself in a multitude of different activities, which have helped him connect with a wide variety of students. Dayani’s experience also allowed him to gain the leadership skills necessary for the job of S.O. President. 

“My main accomplishments that prepared me for the role of S.O President are being President of the class 2024 for my junior year, being president of Integrated Mindfulness Club, president of the Invention and Innovation Research/Makerspace Club, and being Treasurer of the school debate team,” said Dayani. “All of these experiences have provided me with the leadership and collaboration skills necessary for me to serve as a competent S.O. President.”

Dayani, pictured at the bottom of the photograph, leading his relay team to victory. (Credit: Ethan Dayani)

Dayani gained exposure for his campaign by using a catchy slogan.  Posters around the school were put up with the phrase, “don’t be a salami, vote for Dayani.”  In addition, many students were spotted wearing t-shirts with Dayani’s slogan and logo on them.

Dayani’s logo, which appeared on many shirts and posters around the school. (Credit: Ethan Dayani)

“Many students throughout the school helped me run by telling their friends “don’t be a salami, vote for Dayani,” said Dayani. 

Dayani spoke a little about what he would like the student body to know about himself.

“I want people to know that I would not have run for student office 4 times if I was not dedicated to doing the job right,” said Dayani.

Dayani provided some advice  for any students hoping to get involved in the student organization in the future. 

“I advise students who are planning to run for student government to be persistent. People often say that they will vote, then never get around to it unless they are reminded several times,” said Dayani. “Furthermore, I would advise them to run again even if they lose the elections the first time. I lost my first election — in fact, I didn’t even make the primaries — but I ran again and won the second time around.”

We look forward to seeing the positive impact Dayani has on the school environment as S.O. President in the upcoming school year.