GNNHS Goes Retro for Spirit Week 2019

Blast to the past through Great Neck North’s decorated hallways!

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On Wednesday morning, students were transported to the past when they arrived at Great Neck North to see 4 creatively decorated hallways. As part of spirit week, each class did their best to depict a decade through their decorations.

This year’s themes were as follows:

Seniors: 1960s

Juniors: 1980s

Sophomores: 1990s

Freshmen: 1970s



This year, the iconic symbols of the 60s were artfully illustrated by the seniors.

The hallway was decked out in tie-dye and had posters of popular bands while pictures of peace signs and rainbow RV captured the hippy vibe of the 60s. 

Seniors wrote their names on neon posters and depicted the unity of the class of 2020.

Seniors sit on the floor making crafts for the hallway.

“We chose this theme because it was the best choice of what we had and the 60s are groovy just like the seniors,” Sharron Kokhabi, a senior who participated in making her grades hallway, said. 



Juniors this year were tasked to represent the 80s in their hallway. 

“The 80s is such an iconic era for its music, films, fashion trends,” Stephanie Kim, a junior who helped create the hallway, said. “So, we naturally came up with a bunch of ideas that would best illustrate this fun time period. When we were gathering the art supplies, we went crazy with neon glitter.” 

Daniella Cohen, Stephanie Kim, Daniella Erfanian holding up a poster based on MTV.

The students working on this hallway created many interesting 3D elements such as a rubix cube and a jazzercise girl with tulle skirts to really enhance the visuals. 

Juniors even included a really special section of the hallway dedicated to pictures of teachers in the 80s. “It was so fun for all of us to look at because we got to see some of our favorite teachers and principals decked out in 80s clothing,” said Kim. 


The sophomores decked a smaller hallway for the 90s which contained a small display with an inflatable boombox and wii controller.

Steamers hung across the ceiling of the hallway which hung posters with famous tv shows of this time period. 

The sophomores chose this decade to “represent the huge effects that the 90s have had on pop culture today”, said the sophomore class president, Adelia Derose. 

Julia Shafizadeh and Kayla Kabakeb drawing decorations.

They also had some guitars in the glass cases of the library to show the music aspect of the 90s.

“The 90s is known to be a period filled with color, optimism and diversity. We believe these themes really sum up our grade and we hope to capture them throughout our hallway decorations,” Derose said. “…The 90s is known to be a ‘golden decade’ and represents unity and growth.”


This year the freshman hallway was based on the 70s decade. 

As part of their design, the freshman class president, Jason Nejat, encouraged everyone to make posters and come help decorate after school and hang their artwork. 

Mika Parness, Teva Kashanian, and Menash Harooni showing off a poster.

Poster with bands popular in the 70s, such as Kiss, and streamers were plastered all over the walls. Freshmen displayed the fun, party nature of this decade.

After the hallway decorations were scored, the points from the events thus far in spirit week are as follows.

Freshmen: 45

Sophomores: 30

Juniors: 75

Seniors: 60

In a spirit week filled to the brim with excitement, the hallway wars featured artwork and motifs from various eras, as all grades worked tirelessly to recreate these iconic times.