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TikTok’s Treasures: TikTok Shop

The new place to get all the trendiest items: TikTok Shop. Here are the ins and outs of TikTok shop and everything you need to know.

TikTok has become a global favorite in the past few years, and its popularity has only increased as the app continues to partner with name brands and add new features. One notable addition is TikTok Shop, where users can shop items ranging from makeup to clothes to decor, and more. Sales fill the website with eye-catching prices and fun, trendy items to buy.

TikTok users can post videos where they test out products from TikTok Shop, ultimately increasing the popularity and sales of a variety of products (Credit: NewsRoom).

Across the U.S., over 150 million people turn to TikTok to be entertained and inspired by content they find from their favorite creators — including the latest trends, fashion and beauty tips, recipes, and more. Now with TikTok shop, users can conveniently access the products that their favorite creators are using.

35% of users on TikTok have bought something from TikTok shop. The shop is simple to set up and free to get started with, making it easy for brands to experiment with selling their items on the app.

Aside from the sellers themselves, users on TikTok can earn money through sponsorships or promoting certain products. For brands, while it costs some money to sell their items on TikTok, it can be worthwhile because of how popular TikTok is, and how many people the app can reach.

Originally, many users were skeptical about purchasing on TikTok shop because they were unsure if it was reliable— especially with the too-good-to-be-true prices.

The process of advertising a product and buying the item is made to be very simple, making it convenient for users to continue buying products (Credit: NewsRoom).

Junior Maya Yazdan said, “I bought a hair curler off TikTok shop that seemed really good from the reviews.” Yazdan continued, “It came really quickly and was really good quality.”

As TikTok is already an extremely popular app known all over the world, opening up this new opportunity for shopping gives individuals another reason to download the app. Now, not just to watch entertaining videos, people download TikTok to shop all these brands for cheaper prices. TikTok shop is like any other brand, taking 3-5 business days to ship.

How a TikTok shop appears when someone would open the app with all the eye catching deals and products (Credit: TikTok).

Junior Aava Glickman said, “I have never bought anything from TikTok Shop but it seems cool.”

TikTok makes this feature extremely simple to use. A user can go on the app and scroll endlessly, as there are endless options for what that person could buy. The options are never ending— similar to Amazon. Once the person finds what they want, they simply add it to their cart, enter their address and card number and it is shipped soon later as the person eagerly waits for their package to arrive.

TikTok Shop has reviews on all the products from people who purchased them. This is becoming an extremely popular, efficient and reliable way to buy products off of TikTok.

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